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              We provide pivotal supply chain solutions to the most successful companies in the world.

              Tour de France, 6 More Years


              July 3, 2019

              Tour de France, 6 More Years

              XPO Logistics to move the Tour de France for another six years

              XPO employee scanning
              June 26, 2019

              Excellence at Raytheon

              XPO Logistics has been honored by General Motors for managing GM’s North American aftermarket parts distribution network

              Machine Learning
              May 29, 2019

              Machine Learning

              XPO Logistics unlocks machine learning for customer forecasting

              XPO conveyors 16x27


              Supply Chain Logistics

              Put our innovation to work for your contract logistics and returns management.

              XPO truck driving down road

              Transportation Network

              Rely on our extensive capacity, route density and unmatched choice of modes.

              Advanced Technology

              Move your goods through the supply chain with cutting-edge efficiency.

              XPO investor presentation


              Investor Presentation

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              Company Profile